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The Importance of Choosing the Right Keywords

You own a website having the best domain and a lot of content but still, you have a high bounce rate and low dwell time. Your traffic experience is becoming worse day by day. This is the time that you should start thinking about the importance of choosing the right keywords and their density in your article. Picking the right keyword depends on keyword research, which should be done using the best tools and competition analysis. 

Research for the Right Keywords

The importance of choosing the right keywords can be better explained using the right strategy for keyword research. With the evolving digital world articles having the best relevancy to a title or searched query rank, our perspective on keyword research should be to find a set of keywords having relevance to your title. This can be done in the following steps:

Brainstorm seed keywords 

Seed keywords can be brainstormed by yourself, using web keyword generators for help. Popular tools for ideas are LSIGraph and 

Generate keywords using seed keywords

Once you have brainstormed all ideas, go to Google Keyword Planner. Insert all your seeds and get a report of keywords based on your location or you can do this globally. This will contain every keyword related to your title with search volume and competition.

Do a Competition Analysis 

Competition analysis should be done twice. Once for generated keywords and once to finalize keywords after this analysis. Finalized keywords should be checked with competitors’ keywords in the second keyword analysis. 

Finalize keywords

Once all analysis is done you will have the best keywords that will rank you faster than you can imagine. Now, you are done with keyword research and wondering about choosing the right keywords.

Criteria for Choosing the Right Keywords

  • Long-tail keywords 

Case studies between search volume and length of keyword show that long-tail keywords have a 70% higher conversion rate than short-tail keywords.

  •  Low Difficulty Level

Keywords having low difficulty level have a very high probability to rank than keywords with high difficulty

  • High Search Volume 

When choosing the right keywords go for high search volume. These are the keywords that are most searched by people around the Globe.

Benefits of Picking the Right Keywords

First Page Ranking

Nothing can better describe the importance of choosing the right keywords than ranking on the first page in Google search results. Being on the first page means higher search volume and dwell time.

 Enhanced Page Authority 

The right keywords can get you enhanced page authority and you can convert that into payment by giving do-follow backlinks to other websites from that article or page. 

Brand Awareness and Visibility

Until now you have ranked on the 1st page and got PA by picking the right keywords and all these will result in your brand visibility to people. More brand awareness means that you will have quality traffic and popularity. 

Beating the Competition

Once you have chosen the right keywords and have completed a competition analysis, you can get ahead of your competition. Being one step ahead means more conversions and dwell time. 

Social Sharing 

People tend to share interesting and popular items in their social handles. Popular items are the ones that have high search volume and one of the conditions in our criteria for choosing the right keywords is high search volume. This will also help with your brand’s popularity. 

100% Search Engine Friendliness

The importance of choosing the right keywords becomes more prominent once your blog or article becomes search engine friendly. Rankbrain will only rank you if your keyword relevancy is 100%. 

Increase in Local Popularity 

If you are a local brand in clothing, food, perfume, footwear, and so on and you have chosen the right keywords, your sales and popularity will grow immensely. You can use these keywords in website content, social media marketing, or advertising to gain popularity. 

Success in Search Engine Optimization

You have done your website search engine optimization but google analytics shows poor traffic stats. This is because you have not given importance to choosing the right keywords while writing your website content. But if you do this you will become a success factor for your SEO and marketing campaigns. 

Enhanced Revenue

Choosing the right keywords for your article and blog can generate revenue in various ways. Some of them are:

  1. More article blog views
  2. Google Ads 
  3. Enhanced Value of Social Media Post  
  4. More views for your Youtube Channel
  5. Popularity growth of Facebook page
  6. Provide do-follow links to others

In short, choosing the right keywords for your blog, article, YouTube video description, and social media is the only key to growth. So, choose long-tail, low difficulty level, and high search volume keywords to become successful in the digital world.