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Software for Small Business Accounting

Most small-scale business operators have minimal knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping, and hence they cannot perform some functions solely. The good news is the internet provides access to electronic software to suit just that purpose. The options provided are vast, and it may be tricky to find one that suits all your accounting needs. Therefore it’s vital for you to bear in mind the specific functions for which you need help. It will also be beneficial if you are precise about your financial capability to avoid the options that will end up causing losses. You should also ensure you put more emphasis on the elements you regard as priorities in your business. We have compiled several online software systems that will ease up your accounting.

Pabbly Subscriptions

Pabbly Subscriptions is an online accounting method designed to help small-scale business operators. Clients using Pabbly are not subjected to transactional fees, therefore allowing you to save on spending. They have categorized plans to suit small-scale traders of different financial levels. Pabbly will enable you to control various entities in your business efficiently. Besides, their customer support is brilliant, and consists of adequate engagement with clients. Pabbly subscriptions enhance your business’s success by granting you a license to their services, hence growing your market potentially worldwide. Pabbly also allows you to incorporate other software, including QuickBooks, to complement extra services.


Kashoo is among the top-ranking software in the accounting field for small-scale businesses, and their automated services allow a balance between credit card affairs and bank transactions. Kashoo gives you accurate reports at the click of a button. New clients are provided a free trial that is valid for fourteen days, after which you will be required to pay pocket-friendly charges. Kashoo will help you track your expenses, manage cash and enable you to prepare invoices in real-time. You will also be able to prepare accurate budgets and payrolls using Kashoo. For the success of the business, Kashoo users can apply BlinkBid services as an alternative.

One Up

As a new client at One Up, you are eligible to start your trials without charges for the first thirty days. It’s a one-stop software for all your business activities such as accounting, billing, and designing inventories. One Up allows you to computerize accounts for your business and it’s accessible on both Windows desktops and MacBooks. One Up also trains new clients online to encourage swift operations and their customer support system can be accessed via email and live online chat. One Up allows payments in various currencies across the globe. The brilliant alternatives for businesses operating under Kashoo include FreshBooks and Sage Intact.


This accounting software seeks to help small-scale farmers who are transitioning to computerized accounting. Payments and transactions made at Tilpati are secured from end to end to prevent fraudulent experiences. Tilpati enables you to save on time because transactions take less time than manual accounting and payables are customized to suit your business’s exact needs. Tilpati encourages your business to expand its horizons and reach exponentially excellent levels.


AccountEdge is an online accounting software that exposes small-scale users to brilliant accounting hacks. It helps in the preparation of ledgers and invoices and recently, the operations in this software have been enhanced to suit any browser. It also assists you with paying your taxes on time and efficiently and designs business reports on your preferred basis. The most striking feature of AccountEdge is that it allows you to compute financial data between years.

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