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SEO Know How for Small Businesses

We are living in a very competitive world, especially when it comes to the digital world. For small businesses to compete in line with established ones, top notch content along with proper SEO is pivotal. Even if all basics are covered, without SEO, small businesses usually cannot survive. Here is some information on the importance of SEO 

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process or technique which results in the growth of quality and quantity of website traffic by boosting the visibility of a website. SEO plays a very important role in improving the natural or organic traffic of a website through search engines which is the ultimate desire of any business.

SEO helps in attracting more visitors from various search engines. As a result, a website’s overall ranking increases in the SEPR ( Search Engine Page Results ). The better the SEO, the higher the ranking of a website. This way, visitors can be converted to regular customers. SEO can also be explained in terms of the ease with which search engines can find your website and rank it higher than others.

How to improve SEO for startup and small businesses 

It’s pretty desirable for small businesses to have improved SEO if they want to generate more sales or revenue. Here, we are going to discuss the basics that can lead to improved SEO and better results for a website.

● A logically designed website 

It is a pretty basic point but holds prime significance. A site should be designed logically and it should have a user friendly interface. All pages must support each other in terms of type of content and targeted keywords used. It is critical  that your site is aligned with your business. 

● Increase prominence

Increasing the prominence of a website leads to better SEO. The cross linkage between various pages of a website is key to generating more links for important pages which can certainly help in improving the SEO of a site.

● Meta title and descriptions

The meta title, tags and descriptions of the pages should complement each other and are pivotal to improving SEO. You should make sure that the meta title, tags and descriptions contain the keywords in the right quantity and  make sure not to over use the keywords.

● The site should be free of broken pages/links

A site being free of all sorts of broken pages and errors has more credibility. It is easier for the search engines to find and rank such a site, which means improved SEO.

● Quality and relevant content

Besides all others basics, a website should have sufficient quality and relevant content for all the pages to improve SEO. It does not mean that you should pour thousands of words of content for each page. Write and use content as required but make sure to maintain the quality and relevance of content with your business.

● Make sure your website is indexed

Indexing a website is the key to proper SEO. You can do so by using tools such as Google Search Console. This will help search engines find your website and rank it appropriately. Without indexing a website, proper SEO can never be achieved.

● Improve site speed

Site speed is an extremely important factor in the improvement of SEO. Site speed refers to the time your website takes to open completely. According to research, 90% of people abandon a website if it takes more than 3-4 seconds to open, therefore, site speed is very important when it comes to SEO. If you can’t improve site speed yourself, hire someone to do the job for you.

● Effective use of social media

We live in the age of social media. It can play a huge role in improving site SEO. Make sure to increase your website visibility over social media and make your presence felt. Sites that make better use of social media tend to attract more organic visitors and customers.

● White hat SEO vs black hat SEO

White hat SEO optimizes your website by using sources that are legal and allowed by search engines, making it the best and safest way to improve SEO. On the other hand, black hat SEO optimizes your website using illegal methods and spamming. These particular websites are immediately blocked by search engines as soon as they are found and the site will be blocked for years. 

● Importance of local SEO

Local SEO is also very important in improving the overall ranking. You should make the presence of your business felt on local platforms as it will increase your presence in local searches as people look for services.

To conclude, SEO is what small businesses need to grow. They need it to convert visitors into customers and leads into sales. So cover all the basics, have proper SEO for your site, then sit and wait for results. In a nutshell, SEO is what can take your initially small business to the next level of success!