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Online Billing Options for Small Businesses that are Converting from Paper Money

A lot of entrepreneurs have shifted from paper to online billing, however; there are still several small-scale business owners who are wallowing in the paper method. This method is relatively costly and consumes more time and effort compared to online-based billing. Manual paper operations take a little bit longer, while online billing is instant by clicking a button. We have compiled a list to smooth out your transition from paper to online billing.


This is an online software for preparing accounts and invoices for entrepreneurs. Wave’s most outstanding feature is that you will not be required to pay high fees for the services therein. It offers services in full bounty, ranging from payroll preparation, invoicing, billing and many more. As an added bonus you will not be restricted in terms of how many transactions you can make. Wave is accessible both on Android phones and on IOS devices and it allows you to design a logo for your business and will send you instant alerts when money is debited to your account. Using Wave will enable you to put down additional receipts and have enough information as you approach the tax season. 

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online has been rated among the best online accounting software for small businesses. It has average transactional fees and a good amount of services for entrepreneurs. For a new client at QuickBooks, you will be liable for free services over the first thirty days. They also grade their services into plans, bearing in mind that each business varies in terms of financial abilities. QuickBooks Online also considers businesspeople who have a rough time navigating through the site and controlling their online operations. They provide you with online accountants to help you out and you can choose which plan is most suitable for your business.


FreshBooks is an easy-to-navigate billing service, which is efficient for small-scale business entrepreneurs. The software allows you to prepare invoices for your customers and receive payment made either by bank cheques or other electronic means. You have the flexibility of including tax information on your invoices. FreshBooks also allows you to monitor how you spend your business funds to curb instances of overspending. When it comes to precision, FreshBooks is just the plug because it allows you to note down nitty-gritty details such as vendors’ dates and names.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an online billing site that helps small-scale business owners monitor finances and solely manage different business units, making it easier for you to prepare and send invoices. This will be much better than using the traditional pen and paper method. Zoho Books also has an inventory feature to help you keep track of your business assets. Furthermore, new clients are given a free first trial that runs for fourteen days making Zoho is an efficient and accurate billing option.


Square provides exquisite online services to clients at affordable costs for small-scale traders. You can send invoices instantly, single out unpaid invoices. Square also allows you to remind your clients about unsettled bills without being an obnoxious debt collector. Square services are accessible twenty-four hours, both on Apple and Android gadgets. Sending money on Square is free, and you are not obligated to pay monthly fees.

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