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CBD Business Trends and Why a Merchant Processor in the Space is Important for Success

CBD business trends have fared well; however, there is still room for improvement. We have researched the recent trends, and have provided a go-to list below.

Merchant Processors and their importance

The greatest point of influence in a business is the process of adopting a merchant processor. First, merchant processors allow payments using debit and credit cards, which is among the top payment methods used by CBD merchants. This will keep existing clients and attract new ones, while also offering a wide range of payment methods to select from, including bank transactions and prepaid cards. A merchant processor will enhance a business’s growth because it allows for detailed and efficient transactions with fraud control measures put in place for the security of the business.

Online Dispensaries 

The growth of the e-commerce industry has remained relevant for CBD merchants, especially now that products are being purchased online for medicinal and other personal purposes. Consequently, income rates have increased by 30%, according to statistics. Since the introduction of these online dispensaries, existing customers’ consumption rate has increased, and new clients have been drawn toward the business. Important trade aspects, such as delivery, have also improved with this trend. During the current pandemic climate, online dispensaries have proven to be efficient with running a business and adapting to the necessary protocols.

Invention of apps and other services

The most renowned online businesses have facilitated the smooth transition to online operations for their clients. Customers can navigate easily to find online CBD outlets using platforms such as Shopify and WordPress. There have been apps developed to enable easier access to a variety of shops online. For instance, Verda has launched an app where clients can buy CBD products for internal ingestion and external application. Virtual markets are developing where traders can advertise their CBD merchandise and the services they offer and delivery options like Uber have enabled the industry to traverse different jurisdictions and expand its horizons.

Diversity of payment methods

Cash has been the traditional payment method for CBD businesses because most states are still yet to acknowledge CBD products. This has been causing strains on both clients and retailers, however; the good news is that there are a handful of other methods used for online dispensaries. Clients who make purchases at regular intervals can use E-wallets. There are also gift cards loaded with money prior to making orders and a new trend called cryptocurrency, which is unfortunately limited to specific transactions


CBD products

Despite the instability of opinions regarding CBD products, reports have shown that CBD has vivacious medicinal uses. These are still under observation, but they have been proven to be very useful for those already tested, which has increased the acceptability of the drug and the general profits made from CBD. According to a study conducted in 2016, CBD can be effective in minimizing epileptic seizures. Another study in 2017 indicated that CBD can help treat inflammations on the brain. The medicinal purposes of CBD are prospected to improve by research and more studies as time goes on.

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