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Billing My Clients When Not In the Office

The billing process is one of the most fundamental aspects of smooth business operations. Handling the billing process has an incredible impact on the reputation and reliability of the company. One can begin invoicing their clients when not in the office once they are organized and have an invoicing system in place. 

Ways of billing clients when outside the office

Automatic billing

One of the steps for billing your clients when not in the office is through automatic billing. Taking advantage of simple automation features enables payments to be made faster and saves time. Whether it’s weekly or monthly, you can use a software that will automatically bill your customers and has a subscription rate that is agreed upon. This saves you time, even when outside the office, keeps cash flowing, and ensures clients pay their bills on time. Recurring billing schedules that automatically charge necessary fees and notify the customer of overdue billing, are both features that will also help save time.

Use an electronic invoicing system

Using an electronic invoicing system allows you to send and create bills electronically, which is why you should move away from manual invoicing and spreadsheets and pick a cloud-based invoicing system. With an electronic system, you’ll have the ability to review, manage, and create invoices from your mobile device, and you will no longer need to use paper, ink or postage, which will save you money. This means that you can bill clients when not in the office and you can automate your invoicing by setting up payment reminders and features like time tracking and project management.


Another way of billing clients is by integrating electronic tools with billing software. Integrating helps you unlock various extensive invoicing features that manage and capture bills across the entire business. You should integrate your accounting software for real-time and straightforward updates and integrate the pipeline management system to ensure that you never miss an opportunity. Remember to link your project management software and ensure every pound is billed on time and accurately. 

Know when to seek outside help

Invoicing is vital; however, not everyone has the knowledge and time to manage and create invoices. In this scenario, you may need to seek some outside help, such as a freelance accountant or bookkeeper to handle some of your invoices. At times you may need help with establishing credit for customers, collecting overdue accounts, and setting up the invoicing system. Setting up the invoicing software may require an expert to train you and your employees to enhance the use of software efficiently. 

Establish policies and payment terms

You need to establish your payment terms and policies since they are vital in determining when your invoices will get paid. Discussing these terms with your clients in advance will help you avoid any surprises when they receive a bill out of nowhere. To avoid confusion and disagreements, you should also find out the preferred payment method and schedule to simplify billing outside the office.

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