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Avoiding Mistakes When Implementing a New POS System

A point of sale system has made it easier for merchants and businesses to sell their products and services conveniently to their clients. Whether you have a retail store or small business, your POS system will help you manage your operations and get more sales. You can also use your POS system to leverage eCommerce features like ordering online. POS system problems occur if you install your POS system incorrectly, if your employees lack POS training, or if you don’t have a clear understanding about what type of POS you need. However, many POS system mistakes are avoidable if you choose and implement your POS system properly. 

Mistakes to avoid when implementing a new POS system

Picking the wrong POS

Oftentimes, businesses do not take their time to select the right POS system and choosing the wrong POS can cause a significant impact on your business. This impact is not caused by the POS hardware itself such as a credit card swiper or cash register, but instead by the technical support provider or merchant services you choose. Merchants may decide to select an inexpensive POS that doesn’t work as well, however; this can be avoided by opting for a POS system that suits your business’s needs regardless of price.

Improper installation of the POS system

Installing a POS system may seem straightforward when you select a simple iPad-based system, however; it’s vital to have the system installed professionally by a hardware vendor or POS vendor. Software settings and networking cables can cause some huge problems when you start doing business with the POS system and improper installation may lead to technical glitches reported by clients. Thus, the system should be installed by a professional expert who will ensure that the system works efficiently. 

Lack of training

Implementing a POS system in your business without training your sales representatives can be detrimental to business growth. You should train your employees on how the POS system works including the back-office management functions such as inventory management, eCommerce, purchasing and reporting. It would be best to train on the system’s advanced features which can be advantageous to the business. Advanced training could be on eCommerce integration, open to buy planning, advanced reporting and customer reporting. 

Not securing your POS

Another major mistake you should avoid is not securing your POS system. To prevent this, it’s vital to check and maintain your POS to enhance compliance standards. These tasks should include assigning an ID to each individual with computer access and keeping the anti-virus software up to date. Some of the other POS security tasks include selecting a secure password for your POS, securing your WIFI network, and training employees on how to accept credit card payments.

Lack of making full use of your POS

Due to technological advancement, there are cloud-based, modern POS systems with advanced features and far-reaching capabilities. These capabilities include marketing features and in-depth reporting, however; the majority of merchants neglect to use advanced POS functions to grow their sales and revenue. You need to start learning about the advanced standard reports provided by the cloud software if you want to start using the POS to its full potential. 

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