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Avoiding Mistakes When Billing Clients Not in the Office

Finance is the main component for maintaining a business that is run smoothly. Many businesses, whether new or established, struggle with billing or invoicing. A business owner may assume that invoicing is simple, straightforward, and may not require full attention, however; this is untrue since billing and invoicing clients properly is a major part of the job. It’s also vital for a business owner to avoid common mistakes or errors while billing or invoicing their clients. Below are some of the mistakes to avoid when billing clients out of the office.

Invoicing the wrong person

Invoicing the wrong person is one major mistake you should avoid when billing a customer as it leads to problems, delays, complicates the process and looks unprofessional. A business owner needs to make sure that the proper customer receives the correct invoice, which is why it’s important to make use of the various invoicing software programs that make work easy. You can save your customers’ contact information and automatically import their information when you create their invoices.

Not invoicing your customer immediately

As soon as you have completed the task of supplying products and services to your customers, it’s vital to issue an invoice immediately, while the transaction is still memorable to them. Invoicing software programs are vital for helping you invoice your clients promptly. Ensure that you use any of the mobile applications your invoicing software offers to invoice your customers immediately after you finish providing your products or services. 

Not following up on late payments

You need to always chase after and follow up on late payments. This can be a bit challenging since you may not know what to say or how to handle this type of situation. Some invoicing software programs will help you avoid that billing mistake and get you covered. The invoicing software will remind you when the payment is overdue. Once you know the payment is overdue, you can send your clients a reminder regarding the unpaid item. 

Sending your invoices with errors

It’s vital to invoice your clients with accurate information. Invoicing errors will make you suspicious and raise red flags and clients will think you are unorganized and unprofessional, which could reflect poorly on your business and may result in a loss of future work. The errors can be fixed by just double-checking the details like the invoice date, invoice number and the due date. Invoicing software will also work best with checking the tiny errors or mistakes. 

Being unclear about the payment terms

Another mistake to avoid while billing clients when not in the office, is having clear communication with your clients about the invoice. The due date has to be marked on your invoice; otherwise, you will run into issues. You should also remember that if you want to charge late fees on unpaid invoices, ensure that the fee is in the initial invoice and provide your clients with a variety of options to make their payments promptly and enhance customer experience.

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